Segway Hall of Fame

“It was great, can you tell from the smiles in the picture? We recommend it to everyone. It’s a great way to see a part of a city quickly and with great stories of the area. Great fun!” — Tim & Cindy Ray


“I wanted to write to you and tell you how much fun Laura and I had and how much we just appreciated our “instructor” Chad. The whole experience was just awesome. Chad made the day even more special with his narration of Seattle history and his patience and passion for showing us the best time he could. We felt very safe and I would not have changed a thing about the tour.” — Lynn Near


“We loved our Segway tour! It was a lot of fun! I hope to bring my parents on a tour. I’m thinking as a Christmas gift.”  — Trisha Chambers Altergott



“The Segway tour my friend from Thailand and I took last Tuesday was my second.  Both were great.  Your guides do a wonderful job of making everyone feel comfortable and have fun.  Their ongoing chatter is also informative and great to listen to.  I will definitely recommend these tours to my friends and will make them a “must” on my to do list when future out of town guests are in town.” — Rick Gross

“We had a great time on our Segway tour with Chad.  It was actually our first time on a Segway and our first time seeing West Seattle.  We loved everything about the tour and the area.  We even took the water taxi back to West Seattle the next day to explore some more!  We will be in touch soon as we hope to give our family and friends the same great experience when they come to visit!”  — Christine Fotia and Jason Flittner

“The Segways are AWESOME!  We had a great time, even though the weather was a bit misty.  Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, entertaining, and we learned a great deal about Seattle from him.  I have been bragging and recommending them since we’ve returned back home.  We actually plan on doing them again when we get a chance.  Thank you for a memorable and one of a kind experience!  Two thumbs up and 10 stars!” — Miranda Metz

“We absolutely loved the West Seattle tour.   David was the perfect tour guide, relaxed, competent, friendly.   We had segwayed before in Wisconsin and knew we wanted to do it again but not in downtown Seattle.   So finding the West Seattle tour really was perfect for us” — Sue Neuls

“My cousin Erin was in from out of town and had never been to Seattle. We took the West Seattle Tour and both said it was literally one of the best experiences of our lives. We had Tina as a guide, she was fabulous, she did a great job informing us about the history of the area but went a step above to point out restaurants with good food and happy hours etc, which I appreciated. We also had a beautiful clear day which made views of Seattle second to none. I thought that the equipment was top notch, I even brought a backpack and water which proved to be unnecesary since you guys already had that covered. I literally do not have 1 negative thing to say for constructive criticism. You guys are doing a great job.” – Aaron Bunting

“Beautiful day and good variety for route and sightseeing of Seattle. Tina was an excelleng guide, and she made the trip enjoyable and interesting”

“We had a great time! Very informative, if there wasn’t such a crowd for the Susan Komen run, it would have been fun to go around the park like you usually do! We definitely recommended it to our friends.” – Ruth






“Loved it! Wouldn’t change a thing. Have already recommended it!” – Shelbra



“It was awesome, we have decided we want to do it in every city we go to
now. Our guide was really good and fun.  A lot of us were from Seattle so we
already knew a lot about Seattle. Talking about luna park and Columbia town
was great as even most Seattle people don’t know more about that.” – John


“I absolutely loved my segway tour with Johnnie and would definitely recommend it to family and friends. I loved hearing the history of West Seattle through the earbud/microphone system. I wish the tour was longer because I enjoyed it so much. I’m not sure that I woud really change anything, except to maybe have more tours in the Seattle area. I thought the course seemed wll thought out and wasn’t too challenging for scaredy cats. The tour was great, even though we looked like dorks! I am definitely going to try this again and have already raved about it to my friends.” – Tess

“We had a wonderful time and loved everything about the tour…learning to ride a Segway for the first time, spending over an hour cruising around, going up and down hills, stopping to practice and take pictures, the quaint neighborhoods, and the excellent scenery. We also learned a lot about West Seattle and Segways from you. The headsets were very helpful so that we could keep Segway-ing while you were telling us all sorts of great info. Our friends have been asking us all sorts of questions, and we have been highly recommending te West Seattle Segway tour.” – Rich and Alaina


“My husband and I had a great time on our West Seattle Segway tour! Our tour guide was great and it was way easier to stand up on the Segway than we thought it would be. It was a very fun day!” – Boyd and Gian




“We had a great time on the tour! It was a perfect tour of West Seattle and Tina was a great tour guide!”                                               – Chancy Smith

“We had a great time! Heidi is a great tour guide and made it a really relaxed, fun experience. I loved seeing parts of Seattle you don’t see on all of the tours. It was beautiful.” – Lisa McFarland

“Goofing off on a Segway is exactly what we wanted, and that’s what we got. Ask for Heidi! Also, if it’s rainy, bring a poncho.” – Aayush Munjal

“WOW, Wow, and WOW!!! What a trip! We found places in Seattle we didn’t know were there and now will be able to have more fun touring Seattle. Thank you Jason for a really great tour. Your instructions were so easy to follow and your narrative was fun and helpful. With just a wee bit o’ wobble to our legs after the tour we are so glad we had this on our bucket list. We are 69 and 75 and if we can do anyone can.”                                                                                                                                             – Jack Moore and Virginia Sheppard

“Thank you Jason and Tina for a fun introduction to Segwaying. As we later walked from our car to Macrina Bakery for lunch, we found ourselves unable to stop leaning forward and backward! It finally wore off by evening.” – Maris, Judy and Mary

“Wow, what a great time we had yesterday afternoon on the West Seattle Segway Tour! Myself and the other wedding professionals who came along had a fabulous time on the tour and will be sure to promote the tour to our clients for their future events! I think this will be a big hit for guest welcome events and hopefully one day a couple going down the aisle!” See our pictures here. – BreeAnn Gale, Pink Blossom Events




“My wife and I had a really great time exploring West Seattle with Tina. Once we got used to the Segway, it was just like taking a stroll with good friends. It was a fantastic start to our 6th Anniversary celebration! Thanks much!”                             – Tien and Nora Peng

“Steve and I had a wonderful time on our Segway tour and really appreciated how you accommodated us after we got on the wrong ferry and were late – sorry again! The tour was great, very informative and we had so much fun. Sorry we didn’t take any pictures. We will definitely recommend your company to anyone we know going to Seattle.”                                                                   – Rita Hiebsch, Topeka, KS

“I was somewhat apprehensive of riding right through downtown Seattle among the traffic and pedestrians. I was pleased to find that the Segways easily moved through both with a natural ease. They are quite amazing and I do recommend the experience for anyone. One thing I noticed, you are much taller when you are on a Segway, and that extra height gives you unexpected, but extra convidence.”                                                                                                                                                                            – Ken Weber

“We loved it, the staff was very helpful! My wife had injured her knee in a skiing accident and we worried that the Segway would be difficult or scary but it wasn’t at all. We will be back later to do the downtown tour.” – Mike Bailey

“We all had a great time on our tour of Seattle via the Segway. It was an experience that none of us will forget. Everyone did a great job in all the steps of getting us onto the Segway and out on the roads. A special thank you to Dan for his attention to detail, not to mention, a great recommendation for food. We would definitely recommend this to our friends and anyone who would like to travel in a cool way and see and feel the real Seattle. ”                                                                                     – Brett, Allison and Jan

“What a great time. We had a blast and you were all fantastic. Great views and neat tour. I already posted a video on Facebook and recommended it to one of my friends. Also suggested everyone should do it! Thanks for a wonderful experience.”                                                             – Rob

“My wife and I had a blast.  Within minutes we were comfortable with our balance and the ease of control of the Segway.  Our guide kept an eye on us, took time to ease us down the first hill until we were sure of ourselves. We felt safe and in good hands from start to finish. We took the Alki Beach tour and actually rode past the spot I asked my wife to marry me.   Not only would we recommend the tour, we will most likely return for the downtown Seattle tour.                       – Tom and Megan

“Myself, my father and two sisters went and we all had a great time. In fact, I already recommended it to my husband and my hair stylist. I will take the husband for sure and one sister sand she would go with us. My dad bragged to all his buddies. One of our tour guides’ name was Tina, she was great and very fun and personable.”                                                      – The West Family

“I loved the segway tour.  I believe Tina was my guide and she was wonderful.  She was so thoughtful and considerate of novice riders and passers-by, as well.  She was very knowledgeable and shared such interesting facts about the area we toured. I especially appreciate the information provided to me about which buses to take to get to your office from my hotel.  I was nervous, but it went well and I arrived in time. I ate at one of the restaurants that she said she enjoyed and it was a great meal. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for me in Seattle.  I would certainly recommend it.”    – Luane

“We had a terrific time! It was a great experience for my stepdaughters, my husband and myself. We would definitely go on another tour. The fact that we got your tour on groupon was just an added bonus.”                                                               – Alicia Tacata

“We had a GREAT time on the Segway tour! It was really fun, easy to “master” and we loved cruising along the water and learning more about West Seattle. We’d recommend to anyone – whether a visitor or a Seattle-ite!”                                                                                                                                                                     – Deb

My wife and I had a blast.  Within minutes we were comfortable with our balance and the ease of control of the Segway.  Our guide kept an eye on us, took time to ease us down the first hill until we were sure of ourselves. We felt safe and in good hands from start to finish. We took the Alki Beach tour and actually rode past the spot I asked my wife to marry me.   Not only would we recommend the tour, we will most likely return for the downtown Seattle tour.

“My experience with West Coast Entertainment and the Segway tour was a memorable time that was very exciting and enjoyable. I can’t remember the name of the gal who led the tour, but I did want to say she was very good and made the journey interesting. I live close by, so I’m not a tourist, however, I learned many things about Seattle I didn’t know. We had a small group, just four of us, so it was really nice to navigate in a small group. I did the 2 hour downtown Seattle tour with a friend because the week before we were scheduled to do the 1 hour West Seattle tour, WCE emailed me and asked if I wanted a free upgrade to the 2 hour downtown Seattle tour. I didn’t hesitate a second before replying with a definite “yes”. I would definitely recommend the Segway tour to others and will keep it in mind for something unique and exciting to do when out of town guests visit. I actually just purchased the West Seattle tour through Groupon the other day, so will be scheduling another adventure. Thank you West Coast Entertainment for the memory that will last a lifetime.”                             – Gary Pinnell

“We had a blast on the Segway tour! Both of the tour guides were excellent and fun. It was also a nice touch to have a bottle of water in the pack as we did get thirsty. I definitely would do it again and already have recommended it. I had bought 3 groupons and then talked my friends into going. They had fun and would do it again too!”         -Joan

“I purchased the Segway tour for my husband’s birthday, even though it was on my bucket list. He wasn’t as excited as I was about riding a Segway, however it didn’t take long for him to change his mind. Learning to ride the Segway was a lot easier than we thought. The staff at West Coast Entertainment was extremely helpful and encouraging. We had the best time during our tour. We had great weather in which to tour Alki area. The views of Seattle across the water were nothing short of breathtaking. We would recommend this tour to anyone of any age. We will definitely be back with friends in the future.”                                        – Jackie and Terry Stuefen