A Quick Comparison

When you are ready to plan your next high school graduation party, this handy comparison chart will be useful for you.

And, be sure and contact WCE for all the latest.

Event Planner WCE
Are all costs up front and all inclusive? (tax, tip, etc.) Yes
Do they send out regularly published newsletter updates and step-by-step planning information? Yes
Is liability insurance included? Yes
How many meals are included in each package? One per Venue
Are all attractions fully hosted? Yes
Is the Casino fully hosted? (no set-up or dealing required by chaperones) Yes
Are raffle prizes included with the Casino? Yes
Are the Event Managers Hired Employees and Certified? (vs. last minute uninsured subcontractors) Yes, Ask about certification
Are damage deposits waived? Yes
Are flexible payment schedules offered without penalties?
Get it in writing!!
Is reducing a contract without penalties if sales are less than expected an option?
Get it in writing!!
How many pages is the contract? Is it concise and clear on all details? One/Yes
Comprehensive fund-raising opportunities? Yes
Licensed Security Personnel (LSP) provided for the ENTIRE event and what is the ratio per student? One LSP per 50 plus WCE and facility staff
Are scholarships available and what is the policy? One free for every 50 paid
Tickets and promotional materials included? Yes
Committees required to plan your event? One
Total chaperones required for every 100 students? Six – Eight

For more information, please call WCE at 206.938.0569 or e-mail WCE at info@wcent.com