Planning For SuccessCelebrate a Successful Grad Night

To help you plan for a successful graduation party or prom, we have experienced planners who are available to help you select the most appropriate venues and activities for your students. Each year we plan, coordinate and host dozens of high school events and are up-to-date on the latest and greatest party and prom ideas.


Experience — West Coast Entertainment has been hosting graduation parties since 1978, longer than any other company in the Northwest. We use our extensive experience each year to evaluate how we can progressively improve our products and services — assuring you the finest grad party experience possible.

Commitment — West Coast Entertainment is the only high school grad party company in the Northwest to have a full-time, year-round staff that is solely dedicated to your high school event planning and coordination. That way you will always have access to your planner and coordinator who will be there throughout the year to answer your questions.

Guidance and Support — West Coast Entertainment is the only high school grad party company in the Northwest that will provide your committee with in-depth newsletters and step-by-step help with fundraising, promotions, and marketing. You can count on us 24/7.

Flexibility — Need to make changes? No problem! You will find with West Coast Entertainment there are no administrative fees or outlandish penalties if adjustments are needed. We will work with you to right-size your party for the number of students planning to attend. We thrive on making your event a success.

Integrity — West Coast Entertainment is the only high school grad party company in the Northwest with exclusive rights to choice locations based solely on our integrity and reputation. We do NOT pay off anyone. That way, you will know  we are recommending venues based on what is right for your group — and not for our own pocketbooks.

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