Frequently Asked QuestionsHigh School Events

How soon do we need to reserve a venue?

Every year, schools across the state are calling earlier and earlier to reserve a party location, in an attempt to get their first venue choice.

As soon as the actual graduation date is set, you will want to be ready to put a deposit down to hold your spot.

How much of a deposit is required to reserve our party?

$1,500.00, along with a signed contract, will hold the date and reserve your venue(s) and entertainment.

If our graduating class has 400 students, what is a good number to start with as a minimum guarantee on our contract?

Usually, one half is usually a good rule of thumb. Rural schools tend to have a higher graduation party participation than city schools. A good guideline is to look at what the attendance from previous years has been as well.

Do we need to obtain additional liability insurance for the night of the event?

West Coast Entertainment exceeds industry standards for liability insurance, ensuring your event is protected. In addition, all of the venues have insurance.  We do not require that your group carries additional insurance. We leave it up to each individual parent committee to decide for themselves.

Will someone from your company be willing to come out to one of our initial parent meetings to discuss venue options and answer questions?

Yes. Absolutely. We visit 80% of the schools that we end up working with. We can present to you with a slideshow, provide packets for you to keep and answer questions as a group. Just call to schedule a date and time and we will be there!

Can we add additional entertainment to our party package if it looks like we will have some extra money as we get closer to the party date?

Many schools have very successful fundraisers that bring in unexpected cash. Depending on availability, we can add entertainment options to enhance your party.

Do we need to hire extra security or police officers to attend our party?

No, West Coast includes a minimum of one female and one male Licensed Security Officers at each party. We work with the most reputable security staff in the industry; you see them at concerts at Key Arena and other major Seattle events. They are responsible for overall security, as well as searching the students before they enter a facility.

How many chaperones are required to attend?

A required rule is six to eight chaperones for every 100 students attending. These chaperones will receive complimentary services throughout the event.

Can we bring extra chaperones, over and above what is required?

Yes, within reason. For each additional chaperone added over the 8:100 ratio, the chaperone may attend for half the original ticket price.

What additional support can we expect throughout the year from your company?

We have a full-time High School events coordinator available to answer any questions that may arise as you go through the school year. You will receive monthly newsletters, promotional support (tickets, posters, etc…), and fundraising ideas. Our cell phone numbers, email, etc., is at your fingertips from day one!

Are meals included at every venue for graduation parties?

Yes, part of your party packages include a grad party buffet at the first location, as well as a choice of continental or elaborated breakfast at the second location. Other meal variations can depend on the details of your customized event.

Does your company require a damage deposit?

No, this is part of the reason we have the students searched before entering each facility. Should any damage occur, you will be billed after the event.

Are the parents required to clean-up after the event?

No, West Coast will take care of EVERYTHING so you can relax and enjoy the event.

Will the parents/chaperones be required to work the casino tables as dealers?

No, if your event includes a casino — West Coast Entertainment will provide trained and certified, and professionally attired dealers at all events.

How do we get the process going?

Call or e-mail us and we will send you information on venues and entertainment options customized for your school.

For more information, please call WCE at: 206.938.0569 or e-mail WCE at:

Can you help us with fundraising ideas?

Yes. We have a whole information packet on that – including a wonderful “Dealing for Dollars” program that can help you raise thousands of dollars for your grad party or prom. Be sure and ask for details when you contact us.

Do you have exclusive venues?

Yes. Our exclusive venues have selected us because of our reliability and integrity. We have NOT paid any of them for their endorsement. We think they are among the finest venues and facilities offering services to high school graduation parties and proms.