Family Events

Family Events and Holidays

West Coast Entertainment has been a family run business since the beginning. Come into our little West Seattle office and you will notice this almost immediately. We truly believe that there are simply moments in life best spent with the ones you love most. So, whether you have a birthday, wedding, or holiday party coming up, we’d be more than happy to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your loved ones to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

Seattle loves its holidays … and Seattle parties take on a whole new look when you team up with West Coast Entertainment to celebrate on a Major Holiday.

Birthdays & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Imagine waking up and thinking that your entire family forgot your birthday (39 isn’t that exciting after all), then hopping in the car and getting a flat tire on the way to work. At work your spill your coffee on yourself right after finding out that the young intern just got promoted above you (10 years with the company means nothing?). On the way home, you’re completely bummed and just wish the day was over. You walk through the door hoping that at least Spot will greet you and – SURPRISE! Your home is filled with black jack tables, food, and your closest family and friends. We LOVE planning birthdays – surprise or your own. Call us today, be prepared to spill all the details of your fantasy birthday, and we’ll make that fantasy a reality!

Tired of the same old birthday party games and boring conversations? Break the routine and make your celebration “The Big Event” with a West Coast Casino Party!

Watch your guests of all ages experience the thrill of fortunes being won and lost … and all for the fun of it! Whether it’s a wedding anniversary or a business milestone, anniversaries are for celebrating in style.

West Coast Entertainment can also help plan other aspects of your party, including venue choices, catering and age-appropriate entertainment, from clowns to magicians, palm and tarot card readers, caricaturists, magicians, and music to fit every taste, from DJ’s to live bands.

No matter what your event or party needs, we can help you create a memorable experience. No matter what your goal is, it’s our job to exceed your expectations.