Dealers of death event

Looks like we should have paid on the “PUSH”

Look at what WCE has been up to last Saturday night…. Can you recognize anyone?

It is not worth losing your head over being late…


I look just like my driver’s license photo…


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Treats and Treasures at WCE

Once again this year we get to participate in the Admiral District’s annual Treats and Treasures Event. Last year we had an overwhelming response and everyone was running out of candy. This year we are over prepared with treats. Come check us out at our West Seattle office today from 3pm – 6pm. Now we are just praying for no rain…

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Amazing Race

What a hoot! We just completed a T-Mobile version of the Amazing Race… They even did a Segway obstacle course carrying a ping pong ball on a spoon through orange cones. Never a dull moment around here!

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We are pleased to say that business is up! We are now hiring and giving free training for our Christmas season. Contact Tina our operations manager at (operations at no calls please as we are busy selling.

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2012 NW Event show

Thank you all for visiting the West Coast Entertainment booth at the 2012 NW Event Show!  It was great to see all of the different, creative and fun booths… especially the ones with free food!  We thoroughly enjoyed all of the wonderful conversations that we were able to have with vendors, entertainers, past clients and even some NEW clients.  We hope you had the opportunity to stop by our booth and check out our “Wild West” theme this year, maybe you were even lucky enough to witness one of our Segway shootouts.

Our team is already looking forward to next year, but you will have to come stop by to see what West Coast has in store for 2013!

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Hi-Yu Parade

This year West Coast Entertainment will have the honor of participating in the West Seattle Hi-Yu parade. We get to frolic on Segways right down California Ave on Saturday, July 11th at 11am. Come cheer along…

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Segway Tour Season

Segway tourWe have been busy over the cold Seattle winter. We kicked off our 2012 Segway tour season May 1st with unseasonably warm sunny weather and a new fleet of Second Generation Segways. If you have ridden with us in the past, come experience the next level of exciting experiences with the I2 Lean-to-Steer technology. If this is your first adventure with us, you will appreciate how easy it is to get your “Seg Legs”on… Hope to see you all soon as “That’s How We Roll!”

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Segway in Seattle Scooter Tour

Seattle has long been known as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the United States. Come experience the greener side of Seattle on this 2-hour tour on a legendary Segway Scooter! These scooters are 100% electric, making it the most environmentally friendly tour around. Meet us on Alaskan Way, at the City Park Pier, located between the Seattle Aquarium and the Bell Harbor Marina, where you’ll join your private guide, and be taught the operations and safety features of your personal Segway. After warming up in a controlled environment, we’re off to explore the Emerald City!

Check out our segment on Evening Magazine.

Your tour will be enhanced through personal earphones, as our enthusiastic guides lay out the rich history of the founding of Seattle. You can experience such landmarks as the Seattle Waterfront, Pioneer Square, Art District, Shopping District as well as the famous Pike Place Market. We take brief rest periods where you are able to enjoy the sights or grab one of Seattle’s famous coffees. You will be the envy of everyone around as they see you glide in on your Segway!

This tour DOES operate rain or shine! If weather is inclement please remember to bring your own raingear. Umbrellas cannot be used as you will require both hands to operate the Segway.

For more information, call us today at 206.938.0569!

Tour season runs May 1 – September 30.
Call or E-mail us for details.

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WCE is “Goin’ Green”

A New Year brings new growth opportunities for a company that has been in the event planning business since 1978.

This year’s new initiative is to bring the company even more into the “green” movement – as the staff develops more awareness and activities around environmental issues.

“At our daily meetings now, we each bring in ideas related to our business that will help our environment,” said Daniel Blagovich, company president of West Coast Entertainment (WCE). “Some of the ideas we can begin to implement right away; others are more long-range and will take a little more time to accomplish. But, these eco-friendly ideas are definitely setting a direction for many of our company operations as well as our parties and events.”

WCE has been the leading event planning company in the Northwest since 1978. And, with the strong position the company is taking now in providing “green” event planning options for area companies and individuals, WCE is positioned for sustainable growth for years to come.

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Green Opportunities Are Everywhere

West Coast Entertainment (WCE) is doing the little things that will help the environment for years to come.

“When we began looking at being “green” – we knew we couldn’t do everything all at once,” said Daniel Blagovich, President of WCE. “But we also knew that anything we could do, would make a difference. So, believing that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, we decided to get on the pathway – and lead out in this important trek.”

Some of the little things West Coast Enteratinment and staff are doing right now include:

  • Initiating a paperwork reduction program, to reduce office paperwork by using more electronic files and communications
  • Examining the supplies used frequently in the business – to see if there are more eco-friendly alternatives – even for such things as coffee blends and filters
  • Evaluating and changing to the use of recycled materials whenever possible and reducing the number of printed mailings

“We know there are many more things we can and will do,” Blagovich continued. “We want to be known as the event planners who can do it all – and that includes being environmentally aware.”

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