New Development and Retention Manager

Tina TaylorAffectionately nick-named “The General”, Tina Taylor has been in charge of training West Coast’s event staff and keeping all of their schedules straight as our Operations Manager. Tina started with West Coast Entertainment in 2001 as a mock casino dealer and worked her way through the company; helping out in the warehouse, guiding Segway tours around the city, and eventually stepping into the Operations Manager role,

Tina’s true passion has always been teaching because she loves helping people develop and achieve their true potential.  Effective March 1st, in recognition of Tina’s interests and abilities, West Coast Entertainment has created a new department of Development and Retention to maximize her passions and strengths.

As the Development and Retention Manager, Tina will focus her attention and energy on promoting the development and wellbeing of the West Coast family. She will identify ways employees may benefit from additional training and those who are ready to take on more responsibility. Her new position will also provide greater time to attend more events as a resource to employees, provide additional assistance where needed, and ensure West Coast Entertainment standards and best practices are upheld.

Tina will continue to help in the operations area during the transition into her new role.  Please join us in congratulating Tina on this exciting new opportunity!

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