Super Bowl Party Planning 101

The basic fundamentals of a party are essentially the same whether you are hosting a cocktail party or Super Bowl party.  West Coast has learned a few important party tips over the last 38 years of event planning. With the big game getting closer, we want to help you plan the perfect Super Bowl Party.

Expect the Unexpected

You never know what can happen at your event. Here are some important “behind-the-scene” items to remember.

Ice: Every perfect Super Bowl party has a variety of beverages: Soda, beer, water, & cocktails (if you want to be fancy). Remember, ice melts fast. Make sure you have enough to keep beverages and food at the proper temperature.

Trash cans: What party doesn’t get messy? Especially ones with a lot of cheering, jumping around, eating and drinking. Having more than one trash can is essential. You want to be able to relax with your guests and enjoy the game instead of missing the big play because you were emptying the garbage.

Cups with sharpies: Have guests write their name on their cup. Not only does this help your guests keep track of their cup, but it also reduces your cost and saves you from doing more dishes at the end of night.

Seating: Even if you are just there for the food and commercials, seating is everything. You want to make sure there are enough comfy chairs and that your guests can see the TV.

Consider Your Guests:

Food: There can never be too much food at a Super Bowl party! Hearty, finger foods are a must have. Chicken wings, chips and salsa, ribs, and more! Check out some famous Super Bowl recipes!

Kids: Think about if children will be there. Not all children like to watch football, so make sure there are activities to keep them occupied so your other guests can stay focused on the game!

Entertain your guests: Halftime games are a fun way to break the ice and keep your guests having a good time. Bean bag toss, trivia, bingo, prizes and more!

Now, Start Planning.

The Super Bowl is just around the corner! If you are tired of hosting the same old Super Bowl party this year, let the amazing and dedicated team at West Coast Entertainment handle the details. Give us a call to learn how you can host the Super Bowl Party everyone is still talking about after the Big Game is finished. Contact us at: 206.938.0569,, or

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