WCE is “Goin’ Green”

A New Year brings new growth opportunities for a company that has been in the event planning business since 1978.

This year’s new initiative is to bring the company even more into the “green” movement – as the staff develops more awareness and activities around environmental issues.

“At our daily meetings now, we each bring in ideas related to our business that will help our environment,” said Daniel Blagovich, company president of West Coast Entertainment (WCE). “Some of the ideas we can begin to implement right away; others are more long-range and will take a little more time to accomplish. But, these eco-friendly ideas are definitely setting a direction for many of our company operations as well as our parties and events.”

WCE has been the leading event planning company in the Northwest since 1978. And, with the strong position the company is taking now in providing “green” event planning options for area companies and individuals, WCE is positioned for sustainable growth for years to come.

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