Green Opportunities Are Everywhere

West Coast Entertainment (WCE) is doing the little things that will help the environment for years to come.

“When we began looking at being “green” – we knew we couldn’t do everything all at once,” said Daniel Blagovich, President of WCE. “But we also knew that anything we could do, would make a difference. So, believing that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, we decided to get on the pathway – and lead out in this important trek.”

Some of the little things West Coast Enteratinment and staff are doing right now include:

  • Initiating a paperwork reduction program, to reduce office paperwork by using more electronic files and communications
  • Examining the supplies used frequently in the business – to see if there are more eco-friendly alternatives – even for such things as coffee blends and filters
  • Evaluating and changing to the use of recycled materials whenever possible and reducing the number of printed mailings

“We know there are many more things we can and will do,” Blagovich continued. “We want to be known as the event planners who can do it all – and that includes being environmentally aware.”

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